Here at Lakeland Spas we have been selling saunas for over 12 years so we like to think we can give you the right advice and choice every time for the sauna you desire, whether its a 1 person sauna for those of you with limited space or a 6 person sauna for the whole family!

As we sell Infrared, traditional, indoor and outdoor saunas the choices really are endless. We have recently introduced a brand new concept whereby you can have a steam room and sauna combined, the best of both worlds!

Infrared Luxury range

Our Luxury range uses Canadian Hemlock and ceramic sauna heaters. They have digital control panels that are thermostatically controlled with built in timers. For that extra relation to luxury all saunas have in built CD/MP3 players, a fragrance pack, towel rack and ionizer.

Infrared Elite range

Our Elite range of Infrared saunas have all the benefits of our luxury range but are made with red cedar wood. The outdoor spotlights and the tinted glass give the Elite range a classic look that is second to none. Aswell as the extras in the Luxury range the Elite range also include the Chromatherapy lighting.

Traditional or Infrared Concept range

Our Concept range is a statement of Luxury and a modern addition to any household. This range of saunas are available in Traditional and Infrared style, with full fronted glass and a light wood finish they create a sleek modern look. As with all our saunas they are simple to assemble so you wont waste hours trying to put your sauna together!

Outdoor range

 Any of our indoor saunas can become outdoor Saunas with the addition of a weatherproof Log Cabin. Our outdoor Saunas can be either a Sauna within a cabin or a bespoke sauna cabin, the choice is yours!

Outdoor Barrel range

Our Barrel saunas are the ultimate addition to your outdoor space. Made grown slow grown Norwegian Spruce wood they will last for many years to come. They come in 4 sizes and 2 designs, The 2,5 and 3 metre option feature a sauna room with outdoor seating and the 3.5 and 4 metre option feature a changing room incorporated to the sauna. All our Barrel saunas come with a top of the range Harvia heater.

Our sauna prices are:

Luxury (Hem wood light model)

1 Person infrared £1499

2 Person infrared £1699

3 Person infrared £1899

4 Person infrared £2199

5 Person corner infrared £2399

Elite (Red cedar wood model)

1 Person infrared £1995

2 Person infrared £2495

3 Person infrared £2695

4 Person infrared £2995

5 Person corner infrared £3195

Concept (Full glass front model)

3 Person infrared £2895

6 Person infrared £3795

3 Person traditional £2995

6 Person traditional £3895